2006 Senate Race

After Jim Langevin announced he will not challenge Lincoln Chafee in 2006, our own Patrick Kennedy announced today he also will not run, opting to instead remain on the House appropriations committee.

This means that the Democratic challenger will either be Secretary of State Matt Brown or former Attorney General Sheldon Whitehouse. Senator Chafee does not yet have a challenger, though Cranston Mayor Steven Laffey may still post a primary challenge.


Two Years Later...

... Do you feel safer?


2005-2006 Officers

Here are your 2005-2006 PC Democrats Officers

Adam Roach '06

Vice President:
Ashley Laferriere '06

Brooke Huminski '07

Emma Pietrantonio '08

Outreach Director:
Kevin Roe '07


Poker Tournament

The PC Democrats are hosting a Texas Hold 'Em tournament!

Wednesday, April 13th, 7 PM, McPhail's

The buy-in is $20. The winner receive a gift certificate to Providence Place equal to half the pot. If all the seats are filled, the gift certificate will be $500! (We'd love to give a cash prize, but unfortunately, that's not legal).

49 spots are available. Just bring your buy-in money to the tournament.

For more details, email friardems@yahoo.com.



More than 1500 US soldiers are now dead as a result of the war in Iraq. The war has also taken the lives of 86 British soldiers, 20 Italian soldiers, 18 Ukrainians, 17 Polish, 11 Spaniards, 8 Bulgarians (including one today), 3 from Slovakia, 2 from Estonia, Thailand and the Netherlands, and 1 each from Denmark, El Salvador, Hungary, Latvia and Kazakhstan.

Out of the 1,503 US casualties, six are from Rhode Island, 27 are from Massachusetts, 14 are from Connecticut, 69 are from New York, 34 are from New Jersey, and one is from my hometown.

Rest in Peace.