"I guess that's not good for me then!"
-Congressman Virgil Goode, after I informed him that I was back from Rhode Island for good.

If you're wondering what the heck Virgil and I were referring to...
Last summer, the Nelson County Service Authority received a federal grant. Virgil was at the ribboncutting ceremony all ready to take credit for the grant. Problem is, he was one of the biggest opponents of this grant in Congress, and vigorously fought against it. Now, he was trying to take all the credit. Especially since this was in Al's home county, the Al Weed campaign wasn't about to let Virgil get another one of his patented photo ops. So, we crashed the event. We made signs criticizing Virgil's record on the issue, and we held Al Weed signs. Suffice to say there was not one picture Virgil took that day that didn't have Al Weed in the background.

I got a chance to meet Virgil during that event... and we made small talk. Nothing major. After the event, some of the other staffers and I were eating at the McDonald's in Lovingston, and who else but Virgil Goode walks in!

He told me, one of his constituents, "I'm glad you're going back to Rhode Island so you can't campaign against me," or something along those lines.

I was actually quite shocked he remembered our conversation from nearly a year ago.

I was hoping to shout out "MZM for Goode," but I didn't see him again.


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