Want to Annoy Mike Rubin?

Remember this?

Here's a reminder: "Jon [McGrath '05] claims that if homosexuality is genetic, and therefore 'occurs naturally' then it cannot be wrong (Nov. 4); of course, people have genetic predispositions to developing cancer, but that does not mean cancer is natural for humans to have, or that we should not try to help them conquer it."

Why bring this up now?

A little background. Mr Rubin is from Virginia (aren't I lucky). He lives about 30 minutes from my house. His delegate (same as a state rep) is a man named Bob Marshall. Let's just say that Mr. Marshall and Mike Rubin see eye to eye on a great many issues, and Mike loves the man (almost as much as his bizarre worship of Paul Gondreau).

So, want to piss off Rubin? Then donate a few bucks to this guy. Bruce Roemmelt is taking on Mr. Marshall in his re-election bid this year. This was supposed to be a cakewalk for Mr. Marshall, but Bruce Roemmelt has thoroughly kicked Marshall's ass in fundraising thus far, which is making things interesting. So donate. Bruce is a swell guy. College Professor. Firefighter. Veteran. What more could you want?

The benefits are two-fold. I have to live in this state too, so if Bruce wins, I get to deal with a slightly less idiotic general assembly. But what could be more important than making Mike Rubin have to deal with being represented by Democrats at home as well as in Rhode Island. Lincoln Chafee will be his last hope (until January 2007, of course)! You want to annoy Mike Rubin. You don't have any races in your own state in 2005 (except for you NJ people, of course). You have lucrative summer jobs and nothing to spend your money on. So donate! Trust me, it will make you feel all fuzzy inside!

While you're at it, through a few bucks to these guys:
Tim Kaine - Governor
Leslie Byrne - Lieutenant Governor
Creigh Deeds - Attorney General
David Toscano - House of Delegates, 57th District (my district)
Steve Koleszar - House of Delegates, 58th District

OK, enough with the shameless plugging of races in a state where approximately 0.32% of the group lives. But remember, if any one of these people loses on November 8th, it's all your fault!


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