Republican Infighting

VP Dick Cheney had the following to say about Chuck Hagel a few days ago:
"Since 9/11, we've had people like Chuck Hagel and other politicians and we've had people in the press corps and commentators who've said we can't do Afghanistan."

This is interesting as Chuck Hagel has NEVER said we couldn't win the war in Afghanistan. In fact, he said quite the contrary. In essence, this boils down to slander. Dissenting voices will not be tolerated within the Republican Party, and the Bush administration will go so far as to slander their own party leaders in an attempt to shut them up.

While we have a unified Democratic Party, the more fighting we see on their side, the better. The Bush regime is crumbling before our eyes.

More Cheney, from the same appearance. The ridiculousness of this quote speaks for itself:
"[Washington has] got a lot of people in it who were armchair quarterbacks or who like to comment on the passing scene. But those who have predicted the demise of our efforts since 9/11 -- as we have fought the war on terror, as we have liberated 50 million people in Iraq and Afghanistan -- did not know what they were talking about."


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