Reid Rules

"The President is obstructing a vote on John Bolton. We've asked for simple information that Congresses over many decades that we have been in existence have been given by the White House."

"You can't ignore the Senate. We've told them what we've wanted. The ball is in his court. If they want John Bolton as ambassador to the United Nations, give us this information. If they don't, there will be no Bolton."

Both quotes are by Harry Reid, the #1 Senate Democrat. It would be really easy to hand over this information, and the longer it takes, the more it is clear the White House is trying to hide malfeasance on the part of Bolton. The Republicans have weakly tried to paint this as Democratic obstruction, but Reid is making it crystal clear to everyone that this is the White House's doing. As soon as the information is handed over, there will be a vote.

The documents in question obviously hold damaging information, and Reid knows this. The Minority Leader has the President and the GOP by the balls, and we all get to enjoy watching them squirm.


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