MZM Owns Virgil Goode

For the zero of you who care, forgive me. This is our nemesis, and one of the ultimate betrayers of the Democratic Party (voted to impeach Clinton while he was still a Democrat).

Waldo Jaquith has done some excellent analysis of contribution patterns that are extremely damaging for Mr. Goode, Congressman Cunningham and Congresswoman Harris (yeah, THAT Harris).

The bottom line is that allegations were made that MZM employees were forced to donate to Goode, or risk losing their jobs, and reportedly one of the recipients (Goode or Harris) was actually in the room while employees were coerced into making the donations. Well, donation patterns to Virgil's campaign look EXTREMELY suspicious. Basically, ALL donations from MZM employees tend to come in one day clumps, not over a period of time as they would if MZM employees were donation voluntarily. Furthermore, in the 2004 cycle, not one MZM employee made a donation to someone other than Goode, Cunningham or Harris. Lifetime, only two employees made a donation to someone other than those three (two donations to Elizabeth Dole in 2002).

Interesting stuff that will hopefully send Virgil back to Rocky Mount for good!


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