Letter to William H. Frist

The text of an email I just sent to our beloved Senate Majority Leader...

Senator Frist,

I am writing even though I am not one of your constituents because you are the leader of the Senate Republicans, and because, after all, your decisions affect Virginians as well as Tennesseans. And besides, our states ARE neighbors!

I am amused that your only problem with filibusters is with "judicial" nominees. How convenient, then, when your party wants to filibuster a diplomatic nominee.

If you truly are opposed to filibusters because they impede the business of serving the people and because the President should have latitude to choose his own people, then you will condemn the hold placed on the nomination of Julie Finley.

Shouldn't ALL of the President's nominees receive and up-or-down vote?

Sincerely yours,
Daniel J. Kachur
Albemarle County, Virginia


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