It's Never Too Early

As of now, the favorites to run for President in 2008...

These are based on people who have shown an interest in running, who have hinted at running, who are generally expected to run, or individuals who are being strongly pressured to run.

George Allen (US Senate-Virginia)
Haley Barbour (Governor-Mississippi)
Sam Brownback (US Senate-Kansas)
Jeb Bush (Governor-Florida)
Dick Cheney (Vice President-Wyoming)
Elizabeth Dole (US Senate-North Carolina)
Bill Frist (US Senate Majority Leader-Tennessee)
Newt Gingrich (Former House Speaker-Georgia)
Rudy Giuliani (Former NYC Mayor)
Chuck Hagel (US Senate-Nebraska)
Mike Huckabee (Governor-Arkansas)
John McCain (US Senate-Arizona)
Bill Owens (Governor-Colorado)
George Pataki (Governor-New York)
Tim Pawlenty (Governor-Minnesota)
Condoleeza Rice (Secretary of State-California)
Tom Ridge (Former Homeland Security Director & Former Governor-Pennsylvania)
Mitt Romney (Governor-Massachusetts)
Mark Sanford (Governor-South Carolina)
Rick Santorum (US Senate-Pennsylvania)
Tom Tancredo (US House-Colorado)

Evan Bayh (US Senate-Indiana)
Joe Biden (US Senate-Delaware)
Phil Bredesen (Governor-Tennessee)
Wesley Clark (Former NATO Commander-Arkansas)
Hillary Clinton (US Senate-New York)
Jon Corzine (US Senate-New Jersey)
Mike Easley (Governor-North Carolina)
John Edwards (Former US Senate-North Carolina)
Russ Feingold (US Senate-Wisconsin)
Harold Ford Jr. (US House-Tennessee)
John Kerry (US Senate-Massachusetts)
Blanche Lincoln (US Senate-Arkansas)
Barack Obama (US Senate-Illinois)
Ed Rendell (Governor-Pennsylvania)
Bill Richardson (Governor-New Mexico)
Brian Schweitzer (Governor-Montana)
Elliot Spitzer (Attorney General & Candidate for Governor-New York)
Tom Vilsack (Governor-Iowa)
Mark Warner (Governor-Virginia)

My favorites are Brian Schweitzer, Elliot Spitzer and my homie Mark Warner. Easley also intrigues me. I guess it could be said if the primary were today, and these were the candidates, I would vote for Schweitzer. If you don't know about this guy, look him up.

If I were to be sneaky and vote in the GOP primary, which I can in Virginia, I would vote for Condoleeza Rice, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich or George Allen.


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