I'll Be Damned

Check out the "endorsements" list on the right of the page.

It's an honor to be mentioned in the same breath as Markos.

My post on potential Presidential candidates also got a mention on the Mike Huckabee for President blog.

And I found an interesting parsing of my letter to the ProJo of last December. The guy makes some interesting points. [LINK]

Technorati is a fun search engine to play around with. It apparently catalogues blogs. Who knew someone actually read my letter?


Blogger Nonpartisan said...

You're very deserving of being on my Endorsements page -- your blog is extremely well-written, and your support of Schweitzer is trailblazing, as is Markos's.

(Also, I'm listing EVERY online Schweitzer endorsement I can find, so you'd be there even if your site sucked.:))

12:41 PM  

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