Flip Flop #4 (Springtime for Hitler Edition)

Right-wingers are all a-twitter after Senator Durbin's comments last week that compared Americans to Nazis (for purposes of this post, we'll ignore the fact that Durbin did NOT actually compare Americans to Nazis). These wingers are calling for anything from Durbin's censure to his totally resigning from the Senate.

MyDD is suggesting a resolution that would be great to see introduced (don't hold your breath)...

I think we should call them on this, and introduce a bi-partisan concurrent resolution to censure all elected officials who have made comparisons between Americans and Nazis. In addition to agreeing to conservative demands, this resolution would see both parties agree to all of the following:

-Ken Melhman must also resign as chairman of the Republican National Committee for defending a Republican ad that compared Democrats to Hitler.

-All Republican elected officials must refuse and return any money from organizations associated with Grover Norquist for directly comparing Democrats
to Nazis.

-Senator Rick Santorum must step down from his leadership position within the Senate for his comments comparing Democratic use of the filibuster to Nazis.

-Senator James Inhofe must step down as Chairman of the Committee on Environment and public works, for his likening of the Democratic supported Kyoto treaty to Nazism.

-Senator Jeff Sessions must be censured for his likening of a Democratic sponsored bill on stem cell research to Nazism.

-Representative Steve King must also be censured for comparing those who support abortion rights to Nazis.

-A sense of the Senate resolution rebuking former Senators Tim Cole and Phil Graham for their comparisons of Democrats to Nazis must also be passed.


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