Flip Flop #2 (Special Double Edition)

Senator Brownback of Kansas has been a very bad boy. Not once, but twice, he has recently shown himself to be a world-class hypocrite. To wit...

From the Senator's website:
"I support reforms to Congress that will streamline the way we do our work to better serve the people. Right now, a clear majority of Senators support good, honest federal judicial nominees. However, due to outdated rules to years past, it takes 60 Senators to allow a vote but only 51 to pass legislation. I support reforms that will disallow one member to secretly hold the business of the nation hostage or allow a small group to outweigh the majority of the elected leaders in the Senate."

"After neatly sidestepping one filibuster, the Senate could soon be facing another.

This time the issue [will be] legislation to relax restrictions on embryonic stem cell research...

It will be a Republican -- Sen. Sam Brownback of Kansas -- promising to block the legislation, by filibuster if necessary."

I can't find a link to the above quote, unfortunately, but here's a similar story.

As if this one instance wasn't bad enough, Brownback manages to break his own word twice in the same week. According to traitor Bob Novak:
"Sen. Sam Brownback of Kansas has quietly put a hold on Bush's nomination of Julie Finley to be U.S. ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe because of her fervent support of abortion rights. Finley has been a major contributor to Bush and is a longtime Republican leader in the District of Columbia."

Brownback is a bad man, and he might be running for President. Be sure to check out the Anti-Sam, a blog dedicated to keeping Brownback out of the White House.


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