Flag Burning Amendment

Shame on Dianne Feinstein, Ben Nelson, Max Baucus and Blanche Lincoln for co-sponsoring the Flag Burning Amendment, which recently passed the House.

This amendment is idiotic for two reasons.

First, desecration of the flag is a form of political protest. While it is one I do not approve of personally and would never do (I think the country is greater than its current right-wing fetish), I do not want to see any form of political expression banned in the Constitution. Once that precedent is set, what would be next?

But the second reason comes down to simple common sense. When a flag has reached the end of its useful life, you're SUPPOSED to burn it. In fact, several organizations, such as the Elk's Club, the American Legion and the Boy Scouts actually provide this as a service. Obviously the American Legion and the Boy Scouts are unpatriotic.

But, this has 65 votes and needs 67, so it won't pass... this year.


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