Fake Speech

We all knew tonight's speech at Fort Bragg was a simple PR stunt. But as it turns out, even the applause was fake.

"ABC's Terry Moran just reported that the only time Bush got applause was in the middle of his speech when a White House advance team member started clapping all on their own in order to cajole the soldiers into clapping, which they dutifully did.

So even the applause was fake."

Meanwhile, Think Progress is on the scene with the speech by the numbers:

References to “September 11″: 5
References to “weapons of mass destruction”: 0
References to “freedom”: 21
References to “exit strategy”: 0
References to “Saddam Hussein”: 2
References to “Osama Bin Laden”: 2
References to “a mistake”: 1 (setting a timetable for withdrawal)
References to “mission”: 11
References to “mission accomplished”: 0

Frankly, any mention of Osama is a surprise to me.


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