Bolton is Toast

As this commentary by Robert Kuttner points out, George Bush is not going to get his way on John Bolton.

Bolton can't make it through the Senate, primarily because of the actions of Senators Biden (D-DE) and our own Senator Chris Dodd '66 (D-CT), who led Senate Dems in demanding the White House release documents, which were customarily provided but were withheld from the White House, before the nomination could proceed. After Bill Frist's impotent performance on this issue, it is clear that John Bolton's nomination will never clear the Senate.

So, Bush has two options. This first is to appoint Bolton to his post after the Senate session ends in a move known as a recess appointment. This would completely strip Bolton of any legitimacy he might have within the UN.

Second, Bush can withdraw the nomination.

This is how things should work. Compare two members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senators Biden and Boxer. These two have very disparate political views on a number of issues. But this is a case in which Senate Democrats had to come together to stop a very dangerous man... and they performed beautifully, while still keeping their different opinions in other areas of Senate business.

And props to Senator Voinovich (R-OH) for following his conscience throughout this matter.


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