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Adam Roach, the current President of the PC Dems, will start posting here from time to time.

If anyone else from the group would like to do the same, post below or drop me an email. Within reason, what you want to post is up to you. News, analysis, commentary, humor, whatever. I'm wonderful and all, but it would be great to get some fresh blood in here.


Blogger Scott said...

I do believe, that the reason we keep having a poor system of govt, is that the two parties won't debate the third parties.

I know Nader this and that.

But hell, don't we think of this democracy as representing everyone?

Imagine if the debates caused Bish to be voted out because. . . well. . he sucks.

Wouldn't that rock?

Open the debates, and you will get what you want.


12:58 AM  

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