Last weekend, thirteen PC Democrats gathered at Brown University for the Northeast College Democrats Conference. The conference featured over 500 participants from College Dems chapters at 42 different colleges and universities stretching from the District of Columbia to Maine.

And of all those Democrats, I must say that those of us from PC dominated the conference.

On Friday, we saw the man who was the best President of any of our lifetimes (with the possible exception of our esteemed moderator, Dr. Cammarano), William Jefferson Clinton. In the morning, he gave a speech to over 4000 students and other supporters in Meehan Auditorium at Brown. The speech was wide-ranging, and got some idiotic criticism from the Providence Journal. However, the speech gave us insight to many issues and gave us hope and inspiration for the future, which of course is why we were all at the conference. Later that day, we got the opportunity to ask questions from President Clinton in much-smaller Alumnae Hall. During both appearances, Clinton exhibited an incredibly dynamic speaking style that made it clear why he was President for eight years. That night, we experienced an open bar at the RI State House. Oh yeah!

Saturday was day two. We spent the first part of the day in workshops. This was the meat of the conference, and in workshops about topics like fundraising, community service, technology, local politics, national politics and many, many more, we discussed how to make our chapters, and thus the entire party, even better. After a great meal at Paragon on Thayer Street, we had a Q&A session with Congressman Jim Langevin and Lieutenant Governor (and more importantly, Friar) Charlie Fogarty. Both of them were good, but Langevin gave the PC Dems some great compliments in front of the entire crowd. After the Q&A session, we got some crazy networking done with Fogarty and Langevin.

We declined to attend the last day because we all had studying to do. In all, the weekend was incredibly fun, and incredibly productive. For your enjoyment, here are some pictures...

Alyson Laferriere, Ashley Laferriere, Kevin Roe, Adam
Roach, Dan Kachur (hey, that's me!), and Nate Daher
at registration on Friday.

Most of the gang in the chambers of the RI State Senate.
From L-R, Jill Antonellis, Brooke Huminski, Emma
Pietrantonio, Ashley, Adam, Dan, Kevin, MB Allen,
Caileen Burns and Alyson.

Hey look! I'm presiding over the Rhode Island Senate!

Kevin and Adam with Secretary of State (and US Senate
candidate) Matt Brown.

Dinner on Saturday night at the Paragon. Who's that
guy in the background?

Myself, Adam and Kevin with LG Charlie Fogarty.

Brooke, Emma, random Brown girl and Jill with Charlie

The gang with Congressman Langevin.


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