Memorial Day

It's nearly the end of Memorial Day, and by now you have all enjoyed barbecues, family gatherings, or some kind of fun and fellowship.

I could go into the meaning of this day, but I won't. All I will say is that I'm sure most of you have a family member or friend that has risked their lives, or perhaps made the ultimate sacrifice, in defense of this country or its ideals. Remember their sacrifice, and what they fought for.

There are many lessons to be gained from this day, but I think the most important comes from those who have died. These are countless men and women who have given their lives in the prime of their lives. This represents a waste of great potential, and underscores the fact that we should work to make war unnecessary. This is no easy riddle to solve, but every action that you take towards peace works toward this ultimate goal. Let those who have come before us be an inspiration as we work to make this planet more peaceful. Until that happens, Memorial Day is an important remembrance, but its promise is unfulfilled.


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