Tsunami Relief

Hello Democrats!

After a successful effort at Irish Night (McPhail's - Parent's Weekend), our fundraising total for tsunami victims is $1188.85.

First of all, I would like to thank all of you who have donated already. I know this was a real sacrifice for some of you, but I'd also wager that the tsunami victims need these dollars more than we ever will. Your donations will be appreciated by someone affected by the disaster, most likely a child who was made an orphan by the waves. Also, thanks to everyone who has helped with the logistics of this effort (Alyson, Brooke, Adam, etc.), and also Matt, who made the whole thing happen.

Now, who is going to make up that $11.15 (and then some)? Why, you are, of course! Check out the right side of this page (probably slightly below the "fold"). You will see a "donate" button. Click on that button. It will take you to PayPal, where you can make a secure, credit card donation. All donations made through this link before March 1st will be added to our tsunami relief efforts.

And now for some real motivation: Mike Rubin '08 (the guy who said in the Cowl that homosexuality = cancer) donated $5 tonight. Therefore, it is your obligation, as good Democrats, to donate more than Mike Rubin. I know you can do it. Now get to it!


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