Support the Tsunami Victims

Hey PC Democrats

We will be collecting donations for the tsunami victims as soon as we get back. To make a donation, drop me an email or IM, and I will get you details.

Also, look for us to have a table in Ray/Slavin very soon.

The Bush administration has put up a measly $350 million dollars, and only after international and internal pressure. Pretty pathetic for the richest country in the World. Let's do our best to show the world that the PC Democrats care.

This might be the worst natural disaster in modern history. As I write this, the death toll is 140,000, and it is certain to rise much higher than that, as thousands are still missing and disease is only beginning to take its toll amongst the survivors. Every bottle of fresh water will help keep one person from succumbing to disease. Every plank of wood will help rebuild somebody's home. These nations, these people, can certainly use every dollar they can get.

If you don't want to wait until you get back to PC, Google has put together a page of reputable organizations that are taking donations for disaster relief.

See you soon, and may God/Allah bless the victims.


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7:40 AM  
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