Protest Pictures

Wondering how the protests went? Click here for 102 pictures of protests from across the world (with 2 random protests of the election in Ukraine), courtesy of Yahoo.

Nine of my favorites:

Federal Courthouse, Providence

Washington, DC

Washington, DC, January 19th

Louisville, KY

Atlanta, GA (I had to give props to
my old stomping grounds)

State House, Little Rock, AK (you gotta love
all these red state protests)

U.S. Embassy, London

U.S. Embassy, Manila

The best picture of them all...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone around the world enjoyed themselves. Nothing too big on the West coast though. The picture of the man used in Little Rock still gives me chills, very moving though. So Im not anonymous its Confused_American. Peace to the PCD's and enjoy your snow.

3:10 AM  

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