Opportunity to Protest the Inauguration

UPDATE: If you want to go to Washington with the group below, contact karen@turnyourbackonbush.org before you do anything. Just let her know that you're interested, and she will get you details.


I have tried to find transportation for all of us to go to DC to protest the inauguration, but that is looking less and less likely to happen, as the cost would be at least $2800 per bus, or about $59 per person.

There is an opportunity to go being organized by a protest organization staging a nationwide effort. A bus will be leaving from Providence at 1:30 AM (yes, AM) on the 20th, the day of the protest. It will leave immediately following the inauguration/parade

This is part of a coordinated protest, so if you want to protest your own way, or if you think you might get rowdy, I suggest you do not go on this trip. The organization is called Turn Your Back on Bush. Participants will no identify themsevles as protestors or Kerry supporters, and will enter the crowd. As Bush comes by, they will silently turn their backs to him as he passes. Obviously, one person doing this will make an impact in the immediate area, but the hope is to get many people in the crowd doing this.

More information can be found at http://www.turnyourbackonbush.org/. I understand some may want to take part in a more vocal protest, but rest assured that the most vocal protests will be marginalized as much as possible.

The cost for the bus is $54 per person. There is a possibility that some people can be subsidized, but don't count on it. If you have questions, contact Karen at karen@turnyourbackonbush.org.
If you would like to go, contact the bus company directly. Payment can be made by credit card or money order. The contact is John Balara at Easton Limo Company. His phone number is (508)230-5749. E-mail is john@eastonlimo.com. Be sure to include/have ready your name, address, telephone, credit card number and expiration date. DEADLINE FOR PAYMENT IS JANUARY 13TH.

If you intend to go, there is training on Wednesday, January 12th, at Beneficent Church on Weybosset Street. For directions, check www.afsc.org/sene/. Also, RSVP to Karen at the address above.

I don't know of any other groups who are planning on going down to DC.

"all you can see is a sea of people,
some white and some black.
no matter what color,

all that matters we're gathered together
to celebrate for the same cause,
no matter the weather.
if it rains, let it rain,

yeah, the wetter the better.
they ain’t gon’ stop us - they can't,
we're stronger now, more then ever"


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