Important Info for Inauguration Protestors

If you want to protest the inauguration in DC, contact Karen at karen@turnyourbackonbush.org as soon as possible. She wants to know the following information.

1. What is your cell phone #?
2. Do you know how you are getting to D.C.?
3. Do you need a ride?
4. Who is your driver and how many are in your car?
5. Do you have space in your car?
6. Do you need a place to stay?
7. Do you have any other needs or questions we could help you with?

This is looking like it is a carpool type trip, which should drive down costs considerably.

Also, please get in touch with me, if you haven't already (just hit the email link to the right of the page. I will get you the most detailed and up to date information from the organizers.

There is a training meeting at Beneficent Church at 300 Weybosset Street tomorrow (Wed) from 6-9PM. Directions are here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate to be the pain in the ass that post's on this site, but that's what blogs are for.

I have to ask the question: What is the virtue of protesting the inaguaration? The President's Iraq policy is a horrible crime on humanity and stands in direct opposition to making the country safe - I agree. The President's domestic policy has hastened a declining economy that has crippled the middle class - I agree. The President's blatant disregard for the U.S. Constitution has created a society fit for comparison to the South African Aparthied government - I agree.

But, what is the virtue of protesting the inauguration? We did that four years ago with just cause: Bushie didn't win. He won this time, we need to swallow that pill. Would our time as a party and as like-minded citizens not be better spent working as a mass organization figuring out how to stop the radical agenda of the Right? Would our party look more engaged and more appealing to the "swing voters" (read: out-of-touch Bible-thumping, authority-loving, Blue staters) if, rather than disrespecting the office of POTUS (the office and man are separate) by turning our back to the seal, we worked to spread support for a living wage and a patient's bill of rights and universal civil liberties and global peace and a real plan for homeland security.

Simply put: would it not be more productive to engage those that disagree with our world view in a real, honest-to-God deabte about the last four years? I for one think that would be a hell of a lot more productive than spending $45 gas money to stand in the freezing cold on Constitution Ave. and turn around.


-- PS - I like this blog Dan

+ Mike Raia '05

3:26 PM  
Blogger Dan Kachur said...

The way I see it, we're not protesting the election. Yes, there was a time for that in 2000, but that is not the case now, as you point out.

But, we can protest at the inauguration without protesting the election. We can voice our opinion, about anything, to our President (at least in theory). I see this protest not as an opportunity to protest the election, but a grand Bush-worshipping spectacle that is consuming $50+ million of our tax dollars (half of that from Kerry voters) that is an opportunity where we can and should voice our displeasure with Bush. Especially since this is likely the most public event he will be attending ever.

If this is a "Bush cheated" event, that will be a mistake (even though he did). If this is more of a general disapproval, it will be a good thing. Of course the US press will spin it into simple curmudgeonness, but the World will take notice. Every opportunity we have to do that, we need to take it.

There will be plenty of time to challenge this administration on policy. And we, as well as the party, will do a much better job at this in the next for years than they did in the last.

Thanks for the complement, and thanks for the comments. A devil's advocate is always welcome.

2:14 AM  

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